Hunger Challenge: Day 1

6 Sep

The first day of my hunger challenge is winding down and let me tell you, it was a challenge! I don’t know if it was because I was at home most of the day, or because the smell of neighborhood holiday barbecue’s were wafting through the open windows, or because I watched JWD chow down at every meal, but I was in the mood for food! Breakfast was easy- oatmeal. It’s cheap and filling. Then I snacked on an apple. I found a 3 lb bag of apples at Schnucks for a great price. The pluses: they are cheap and local! The minus: they are so teeny! I was starving this afternoon, so I decided to move my dinner plans to lunch. I made whole wheat pasta with red sauce (a can of crushed tomatoes, italian seasoning, crumbled tempeh, and spinach). I must say, it was very tasty and filling and I have plenty leftover for later this week. Dinner was a pb&j quesadilla. I didn’t have the money to spring on jelly, so I microwaved and mashed some frozen blueberries as a jelly substitute. I’m full for now, but I see air-popped popcorn in my near future 🙂

I had a few strategies in mind before going in to this challenge and they seem to be working so far. My meals are focused on things that will keep me full. I plan to rely on oatmeal for breakfast, pasta, lentil soup, and a mexican beans and rice dish for my main meals, and apples, yogurt, peanut butter, tortillas, and air-popped popcorn for snacks. Many of the items I bought are multi-purpose like the frozen blueberries that will go in my oatmeal, yogurt, and in my peanut butter tortillas as “jelly”. Of course I couldn’t go a week without veggies, so I budgeted for broccoli, carrots, celery, and spinach.

I planned on preparing all my meals for the week today, but I’m afraid I’ll get the cooking itch later this week. I’m sure tomorrow will be much easier because I’ll be busy all day with classes. I bet I’ll miss my morning coffee brewing routine though. Happy Labor Day!

Thanks for reading 🙂 That popcorn is calling my name…


One Response to “Hunger Challenge: Day 1”

  1. emily September 11, 2010 at 8:30 am #

    hope the rest of the week went well! i’m sure it was a difficult (but insightful) challenge. I think eating well is a privilege that many people take for granted. we struggle with choosing nutritious food when often people don’t have the same choices but would if they could. can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the rest of the week!

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