New Year’s Resolutions and Workout of the Week

30 Dec

I hope everyone survived the Christmas weekend. I did. (barely). It was a wonderful weekend filled with friends and family. I’m a lucky girl! And I succeeded in contributing something healthy to every gathering I attended 🙂

What an exciting week this is. We are on the brink of a brand new year. I love the new year because it offers us a clean slate of sorts– it gives us motivation to initiate a fresh start, a new beginning.

BUT it also signals a time when lofty unrealistic goals are set and broken. New Year’s resolutions have gotten a bad reputation. I think resolutions are great, you just have to know how to set smart goals.

New Year’s Resolution Guidelines for Success!

1) Your resolution should be specific. Specific goals provide focus. (Instead of “lose weight”, “lose 10 pounds”)

2) Your resolution should be measurable. Give your goals a numerical boundary so you can track your progress. (Instead of “increase running mileage”, “increase running mileage to 30 miles per week by adding 2 miles each week”)

3) Your resolution should be attainable and realistic. Choose something that you are passionate about– losing weight, running faster, getting your ab muscles to show, feeling energized, trying one new recipe every week. It’s great to set ambitious goals, but make sure they are realistic or you’ll set yourself up for failure. For example, it probably isn’t realistic for a sedentary fast food junky to resolve that on January 1st they will exercise every single day and never eat fast food again. Set small, realistic goals that you can build on. (“start walking one day a week for 30 minutes and eat one less fast food meal a week”)

4) Your resolution should be time-framed. This will keep you from avoiding your goals (“I’ll start that diet tomorrow…”). Set a deadline for your goals. (Instead of “lose weight”, “lose 1/2 pound each week for the next 6 months”)

New Year’s Day is a great day to work on your New Year’s resolutions. After all of the celebrations have subsided, reflect on 2010. What did you achieve? What didn’t go as well as you’d hoped? Next, look ahead to 2011. What do you see yourself doing? What would you like to work on? Set a few goals, keeping the above guidelines in mind, and put them somewhere where you can see them everyday. (I’ll show you how I set my resolutions in the next post).

Remember that you can achieve anything that you set your mind to. You are stronger than you think! Make 2011 your year!

I’ll let you in on the rest of my 2011 goals in the next post, but here’s one for now. One of my goals is to start posting a “Workout of the Week” on Running on Sunshine.

The first workout I’m going to post is a HIIT workout. HIIT stands for “High Intensity Interval Training”. This type of training is intended to burn fat and improve performance in a short amount of time. It consists of a warm-up, 6 or more sets of high intensity exercise followed by low/medium intensity exercise, and ends with a cool-down. The sets can be done in any ratio you like (1:1, 2:1, 1:2, etc.). I love HIIT training because it is a quick way to blast calories and it can be done on any machine (treadmill, elliptical, bike, road walking/running) and by any fitness level.

Today I did a 30 minute HIIT outdoor running workout with a 1:2 easy:hard ratio.

Minute                    Intensity

1-5                              easy warm-up walk/jog

5-6                              low/medium intensity run

6-8                              high intensity run (as fast as you can sustain for 2 min)

**Repeat minutes 5-8 six more times for a total of seven sets**

26-30                          easy cool-down jog

I was sweating like a monkey when I finished this workout. 🙂

Stay tuned for my 2011 resolutions. Thanks for reading 🙂


2 Responses to “New Year’s Resolutions and Workout of the Week”

  1. emily January 1, 2011 at 10:50 am #

    Happy New Year, Kayli!

    I agree that it’s really important to set smart goals…and to realize that sometimes they may take longer than a year to fully implement. 🙂

    HIIT sounds like a great workout!

  2. grandma January 1, 2011 at 12:00 pm #

    I’m so proud of you!! I am going to take your advise & try to get back on track….first order is to somehow organize my life to fit things in….i may need your help with this

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