Workout of the Week and The Best News of My Life (so far…)

11 Jan

I can’t believe we are already 11 days into 2011! And I can’t believe I still have a whole glorious week of winter break left to enjoy.

It will be filled with a lot of this:

Cooking, reading, and organizing my recipes.

And this:

Yep, that’s a GRE book. I have to take the GRE this week. sigh.

But I won’t let THAT little hurdle ruin my last week of vacation.

I am going to live it up. JWD and I have embarked on some early spring cleaning to make room for our ridiculous amount of Christmas goodies.

Something else I started on my last week off is the Frostbike rides. A big group of girls get together every weekend to do a 11.5 mile bike ride through the city. Last Sunday was our first ride and it was chilly (14 degrees to be exact)! But amazing 🙂

Laura and I enjoying our free coffee and beignets after the ride.

I am a little rusty on my bike, so needless to say I was feeling a bit stiff Sunday night. The perfect cure: a little yoga practice.

The first official Workout of the Week is a DVD review of my go-to yoga practice: Body by Bethenny.

I’m sure you all recognize Bethenny from the mind-numbing Bravo show Real Housewives of New York City. (Confession: I am occasionally a closet Real Housewives viewer. It’s like a car accident…). But unlike some of the other housewives, Bethenny actually has some credentials. She’s a natural foods chef, she’s cooked for many celebrities, and she’s the author of the diet book Natuarlly Thin. Not to mention, she seems like a pretty cool, down-to-earth girl.

Anyway, back to the DVD. Body by Bethenny is a 40 minute yoga workout with a 10 minute free-weight session and 5 minute booty workout at the end. I’ve never done the weight portion, but I’ve done the yoga portion countless times. The yoga practice is lead by Kristin McGee. Kristin is a certified personal trainer, Pilates and yoga instructor, and has trained many celebrities.

The workout is a perfect mix of flowing, strengthening poses, and stretching. It includes all of my favorite yoga poses (tree pose and pigeon pose to name a few). The best part about this workout is anyone can do it! No matter what your fitness level, you will enjoy this workout. It aligns with my philosophy that fitness, nutrition, and health should be accessible to everyone. Bethenny is very relatable- she wobbles right along with you throughout the practice.

I love to turn on this DVD post-run, when I’m feeling tight/sore, when I’m short on time, or right before bed. DVD’s are especially great in the winter when the weather is icy and gym motivation is low. I just roll out my mat, open my laptop, light a few candles, and get my yoga on right in my living room. JWD has even been known to join me (shh… don’t tell him I told you)

(note the wonderful Lululemon Manduka yoga mat I got for Christmas. LOVE this mat)

Body by Bethenny can be purchased on for about 10 bucks OR you can download it instantly on Amazon for 10 bucks. That’s what I did. Instant gratification 🙂 I highly recommend this workout DVD.

Oh yeah, and about that news…

First a little background info- You already know I am studying nutrition and will graduate in May with a degree in nutrition and dietetics. But that’s not the end of the road for an aspiring dietitians. To become a registered dietitian, you must pass an exam. To be eligible to take the exam, you must complete a certain number of supervised practice hours in the form of a dietetic internship. The internship application process as well as the actual internship is a stressful and competitive part of a nutrition student’s journey.

Last week I was so thrilled to find out that I got accepted to SLU’s dietetic internship! I am so excited to continue my nutrition education at SLU and can’t wait to share the journey on the blog.

Thanks for reading 🙂


3 Responses to “Workout of the Week and The Best News of My Life (so far…)”

  1. emily January 12, 2011 at 6:20 am #

    sounds like you have some great books to read!
    body by bethenny sounds like a great workout; i’ll have to check it out. i love lighting candles while i do yoga, too…super therapeutic.

    congrats on getting into slu’s internship! it’s a great experience, and you will definitely be prepared for the RD exam and professional practice!

  2. Cara January 12, 2011 at 6:02 pm #

    I am so proud of you. You work so hard and have already accomplished so much because of it. I cannot begin to imagine the wonderful rewards you will enjoy for your diligence. Hopefully you can find time to keep up the blog while you’re interning! Love always, Sissy


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