A Milestone and Monday Eats

3 Oct

Since we last met, I turned 25. 25!! When I was younger (and much less wiser), I used to call 25 my “scary age”. I don’t recall what I was scared of at that time. I highly doubt at the ripe age of 15 I was feeling the grains of sand slip through the hourglass. Now that I am older (and much wiser), I realize what is scary about 25. Everything in life seems more “real”. I’m at a weird age where the carefree, “I have my whole life ahead of me” attitude is fresh in my mind, but the reality of life’s hardships and struggles are now on my radar. I feel like I have a foot in both worlds. 

Well, a little over a week ago I made the leap into the 26th year of my life, and it wasn’t so bad. In fact, 25 feels right.

To celebrate, I spent the weekend in one of my favorite places- Chicago. Not surprisingly, it was a food fest! The highlights:

Native Foods Cafe

I got the Bangkok Curry Bowl and the lavender lemonade was awesome!

Piece Brewery & Pizzeria 

Love the pizza, love the beer, love the ‘hood!


I’m obsessed with their Iron Man omelette and coffee.

Karyn’s Cooked

This was my first time at this vegan restaurant, but certainly not my last! The food was incredible- the nachos and the lasagna were my favorites.

The Chicago Diner

How could I resist a slogan like “Meat free since ’83”? 🙂 The menu was filled with mouthwatering veggie options. The Special Recipe Wings were yummy for a hot wings fix, the chocolate chip pancakes with vegan whip cream were incredible, but my favorite Chicago Diner treat was this guy…

In honor of my birthday, they gave me this vegan peanut butter cup for free! It had a graham cracker crust, rich peanut butter filling, and a soft chocolate shell. It was absolutely divine. It was devoured while taking in a little baseball at Wrigley Field.

Now, on to Monday! It’s been awhile since I’ve given you a peek into my eats, so I thought I’d share my Monday nosh.

630am: banana walnut overnight oats and coffee at home while perusing Flipboard

930am: post-workout protein shake. This is one of my new favorites. I just blend a scoop of chocolate protein powder with soy milk and a banana. So good!

1230pm: a sad little lunch at my desk. This was thrown together in my morning frenzy (guess I should’ve spent less time on Flipboard…) Beans, avocado, peppers, tomato, and cucumber with balsamic dressing. It was tasty, but it didn’t hold me over for very long.

230pm: Laughing cow cheese, mini pita pockets, and carrots. I love these mini pita pockets from Trader Joe’s!

430pm: Kashi Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal. I bought this baby from the cafeteria at work to hold me over through my evening class. I usually keep instant oatmeal on-hand as an emergency snack, but I didn’t have any with me today.

730pm: quinoa pasta, spaghetti squash, and veggies topped with Earth Balance and nutritional yeast.

900pm: To satisfy my sweet tooth, I had a small mug of frozen yogurt drizzled with homemade chocolate peanut butter.

See you soon with a list of things I’m loving right now, a breakdown of my workout schedule, and a new video post!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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