Holiday Gift Guide 2012

26 Nov

Happy Monday! Hopefully your food hangovers have subsided by now 🙂 We got back to STL Saturday night after our Thanksgiving travels and I promptly hit the gym to squeeze in a workout and a glorious steamy shower just before they closed (I was literally the last person to leave). Yesterday’s workout was a hot yoga practice where I was able to shake the last bit of that groggy, sluggish feeling from too much celebrating 🙂

Did anyone shop on Friday? As much as I love shopping, “Black Friday” is a day I choose not to leave the house. I think it may be my many years of working retail in the past. Observing the crazed shoppers from the other side and occasionally being the target of their manic gives you a new perspective on the day 🙂 I’m much more of a Cyber Monday kind of girl!

In light of the recent kick-off of the holiday shopping season, I put together the 2012 Running on Sunshine Holiday Gift Guide. Things I already own and love and things that made my wish list this year. For more ideas, check out the 2010 Gift Guide here.

2012 Running on Sunshine Holiday Gift Guide

1. Yogitoes Mat Towel

A must for any hot and sweaty yoga practice. They are super absorbant and keep you from slipping and sliding on your mat.

2. The Gift of Yoga (Giftcard)

Both newbie and seasoned yogis alike would love a giftcard to their favorite studio to support their rather expensive habit 🙂

I love these Lululemon long-sleeved tees for running, to-and-from gym, and errands. The thumb holes are awesome 🙂 Not sure what size? You can’t go wrong with a Lululemon Athletica giftcard!

4. Garmin Watch

This is by far my favorite running gadget. Keep track of time, pace, and distance. Also, I love that you can use it with a heart rate monitor.

5. Foot Massager

A perfect stocking stuffer! This little foot massager looks heavenly. Good gift for runners, people who are on their feet all day, or your friends who wear sky-high heels.

6. DIY Painted Wooden Spoons

How cute is this fun DIY Pinterest find?!

7. New Forks Over Knives Cookbook

I don’t own this vegan cookbook yet, but I’ve borrowed it and every recipe I’ve made has been delicious!

8. & 9. Tiffins and To-Go Ware

My nerdy lunch gear gets a lot of attention 🙂 So much more fun (and environmentally friendly) than a throwaway bag!

10. CSA Membership

A Community Supported Agriculture share is a local foodie’s dream! Buy a “share” directly from a farmer and receive a box of local, seasonal produce each week during the growing season. Check out and type in your zipcode to find CSA offerings near you.

11. Up

This fun little gadget is new to me. The wristband tracks your activity, sleep, and food. You access all the information from an app on your phone. The wristband comes in a bunch of fun colors including my favorite- mint!

12. TRX

TRX is an awesome new suspension training tool. Many gyms have it, but the great thing about TRX is that it can be used in your own home. Because you are using your own bodyweight, it can be adjusted to be as easy or as hard as you want it to be. I take TRX classes at my gym as a great alternative to traditional weigh training!

13. Anthropologie Multitude Hair Ties

Another perfect stocking stuffer! Because my hair is so thick, I constantly break regular hair ties. I’ve heard great things about this style of hair tie- seems like a good option for keeping your hair up during sweaty workouts. Bonus: they are cute too! 

14. Magazine Subscription

A great gift for any health-minded person. I used to be a magazine queen, but cancelled most of my subscriptions when I went to college. Now I’m ready to get back on the magazine train. You can also buy electronic subscriptions for iPad and Kindle. Some of my favorites:

15. Exercise Bands

I’ve always been a fan of bands for do-anywhere workouts. Simple and effective! Great for a traveller or at-home exercisers. 

16. Bicycle Tumblers

We bought one of these in Denver this summer and LOVE it! You can buy a whole set on this site. Such a fun gift for any cycle enthusiast!

17. Tea

I think tea is a fun gift. Many brands have holiday flavors to make it extra special. Some favorites:


Harney & Sons

Republic of Tea

18. Larabars

I’ve tried a lot of bars and these are my favorite, hands-down. I trust the ingredients and love the simplicity. Larabar has tons of awesome flavors to choose from and make a great stocking stuffer.

19. Immersion Blender

Easily blend soups and sauces right in the pot with this hand-held blender. This is a great tool to add thickness to soups without adding extra fat. The best part: it comes in different colors including my favorite turquoise blue! 

20. Meal Planner

JWD and I swear by this little book. We use it to plan meals and keep track of grocery lists. Planning meals for the week will help you stay on track and prevent those spontaneous and soon-regretted runs through the drive-thru. This website allows you to customize and monogram the books however you want. So fun!!

Bonus: the planners are great too! I have several.

Happy shopping! Thanks for reading 🙂


One Response to “Holiday Gift Guide 2012”

  1. simplynutricising November 26, 2012 at 1:25 pm #

    I might have drooled a little bit looking at all these fabulous gifts! I want all of them 🙂 I will be putting someone of them on my birthday and hanukkah list for sure! Great ideas! Thank you for sharing as always!

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