The Minimalist Half-Marathon Training Plan

30 Jan

My relationship with running has been rocky and tumultuous. It is plagued with injuries, heat exhaustion, missed PRs and sprinkled with just enough triumphs to keep me coming back for more. After a marathon, many half-marathons, and countless short distance races, I took a substantial break from racing (almost 2 years). I’ve been working hard to correct my imbalances- strengthen where I’m weak and stretch where I’m tight- and I am ready to run again.


JWD and I are running a half-marathon that is less than 10 weeks away. We have some pretty lofty time goals :), but our main goal is to train and race injury free. Although I want to train for a race, I don’t want to give up my other workouts, so we are following what I call a minimalist training plan. The plan is to only do three runs per week and continue our weekly strength training sessions and yoga practice. Here’s a look at our running schedule:

1 4×400 3-mi tempo 6-mi long
2 4×800 4-mi tempo 8-mi long
3 3×1600 5-mi tempo 10-mi long
4 6×400 6-mi tempo 6-mi long
5 3×1600 4-mi tempo 10-mi long
6 4×800 8-mi tempo 8-mi long
7 6×400 6-mi tempo 10-mi long
8 4×1600 8-mi tempo 12-mi long
9 3×800 3-mi tempo 6-mi long
10 4×400 2-mi tempo RACE DAY

based on

The key to minimalist training is making every running workout count, so there are pace goals associated with each run on the plan (check out the link above). I’m excited to get started!

Has anyone else tried a “minimalist” approach to race training?

Thanks for reading 🙂


2 Responses to “The Minimalist Half-Marathon Training Plan”

  1. Jenni Hamlin January 30, 2013 at 10:07 pm #

    Another intern and I are training for a marathon in April! With the craziness of the internship we’re attempting this approach at the moment. So far so good! Good luck with your race! 🙂

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